We manufacture installation DB box panels for your home security. There is no risk. In case of any electrical problem or short circuit, auto power RCCB will trip the power off.

We provide 100% guarantee, no worries. Save your life and give importance to safety Install auto breaker at home today. Contact today +880-1743796118 Any problem the current will stop immediately. I have been trained in SINGAPORE powerline work for a long time for 15 years, you don’t have to worry about electricity if you work with us.Electrical repair parts, repair and replacement switches, powerpoint augmentation, relocation etc. Power failure electrical installation. 15A circuit breaker system for parallel systems of electrical wiring used in installation of lights, ceiling fans, etc. Here the switch wire is wound and earthing wire is connected directly to the terminal point of the power supply. Due to which the main line will be closed.

Current carrying capacity according to copper cable size.

We will tell you based on the type of copper cable that is generally used in our country, such as the distance from your home or main line, we call it, cable size. Questions about the pump: All the questions or problems you have about the water pump in general. . For example, if you put a water tank on the roof of your house, you have to check the water tank twice a day. Because there is water in the water tank? The switch will be turned on after seeing. What is that disadvantage? Stay away from this job. We will auto water tanks at your home or there is no need to check the water tank. You don’t have to go near the pump or the valve, we will make the pump automatic with the float switch, inshallah. When the water in the tank decreases, the pea will turn on as soon as the water comes to the nabel we have given, and it will stop automatically when the tank is full. LED Ceiling Fan There are different types of fans and fans are sold with gantry. We will install it.

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