Md.Jalal Uddin Roni 

Contact No:+8801743796118

Hp: Currently +6591320…….

Address: 12 no watt, Maji Para. Post Tangail Sadar , Post code: 1900, Distic: Tangail Bangladesh.


To obtain a position with opportunities to utilize my technical, branding and marketing experiences, skill, talent, creativity, sincerity for the better achievement of the organization.


1. Lectrix Engineering Pte Ltd

Position   :Site Junior Manager

Location  : Multi Mission Range Complex 370 (MMRC) in Singapore

Duration  : 8 Years Electrical Maintenance

           Position   :Supervisor
          Location   :Pandan Garden (RWS)
          Duration   : 2 Years

           Position   :Assistant Senior Worker
          Location   :Changi Naval Base (Navi Camp) in Sg
          Duration   : 3 Years

15 years Electrical project technician maintenance, Construction project site handing, Troubleshooting etc pxpert

Graphics design, WordPress website developer digital marketer

Professional MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint trainer.Graphics Design, WordPress Website Develop

Graphics design, WordPress website developer digital marketer

Electrical Distribution Board DB Box Electrical Panel Circuit Breaker.It Is Especially So In HOB Rewiring Project. While a Simple Electrical Wiring Project Can Be Done By Yourself . Mostly HOB Flat Rewiring Electrical Non Experience People Work Always Problem The House.
We Are Many Found Trouble Shooting Water Heater Problems. Overload Current Many Point Loop Kitchen Area. Circuit Breaker Lower 16A
If Electrical Wiring Mistakes That Can Lead To Dangers. We Have A Team Of Licensed Electrician To Provide All Your Electrical Item, Wire,Power Socket Switch ETC

Professional Freelancer

I am a professional WordPress website developer. Then you are searching for the right person for your business website?

I am working as a WordPress Developer Institute and have completed over 100 WordPress projects. Some Plugins Essential Add-ons Required Installation. I provide reliable e-commerce business with a simple landing page, complex organization level project or e-commerce website inventory. Diversify your website product uploads and Yoast SEO. If you have some theories that you want to know in depth, I can read a specific text on a subject. You can hire me by checking everything. I am also a skilled web developer. We design websites with different themes or complete designs with elements. Create a Modern WordPress Website Developer. An SEO professional and digital marketer, web developer WordPress Expert Product Content I am working with the experience of a data entry operator. I have a large team with many professionals to handle the task of data entry. My job is customer satisfaction. I hope so.

Why you choice me? Virtual Assistant Save cost.

Web-research, virtual copy to paste excel, pdf to word crucial thrive. Everyone can design excellent article graphics. YouTube channel video editor. Photo editor and thumbnail. I am a professional skills classified advertising posting service. So I have a great connection with huge buying and selling companies, agents, etc. Our professional services like web design and development, graphics design and video editing. Platform as well as global freelancing. Every person has their own plan to start a project or everyone loves to work according to their own preferences. However, following the following points can speed up the work and if there is any problem in the middle of the work, the easy way to pass is easy. Do you want to create a website? Contact us today. Nowadays it is very popular to expand your business through web sites, to present personas and various other works. Contact us today if you need a website. You can create a great WordPress website without coding. Without coding you can create great WordPress websites with great opportunities. WordPress is currently the most popular and widely used content management system. An easy way to turn a simple website into a dynamic website

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